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Here are just a few of the items that your Sacramento home inspector will be looking at:

  • The plumbing system including all bathrooms
  • The heating and air conditioning system
  • They will check the kitchen and all major appliances
  • The roof and attic will be inspected inside and out
  • The complete electrical system will be checked
  • The framing and foundation walls will also be inspected

The Sacramento home inspector will give you a detailed report with pictures and will discuss any problems that they may have found. The Sacramento home inspection findings will help you to make an assessment on what steps you may need to take before and after the close of escrow. These findings may give you some leverage with the seller to re-negotiate the price of the home. Having your Sacramento home inspection performed by a qualified home inspector will be the best investment that you could possibly make. Finding problems out before they happen will save you thousands of dollars. A typical home inspection will cost between $300 and $2000. You’re investing hundreds of thousands of dollars into your new home – isn’t it worth spending a few hundred dollars to make sure that you’re making a wise investment?

Home Inspectors Are Not Attached

More and more people are buying homes. Many are first time buyers and that’s a good thing.

The problem with first time buyers is the fact that they are so excited about buying a house they don’t really stop and think about any problems that may be hidden in the house. You don’t really expect anything to go wrong but unfortunately things can and do go wrong in the home when you least expect them.

Getting the home inspected that you are thinking about buying is the smartest thing you can do. A certified home inspector is someone that has no attachments to the home and has the expertise and knows how to inspect the home and see things that you would never see until something goes wrong. Then it’s too late and very costly to you.

The idea is to find the problems that are in the home before you finalize the deal. This way you can make a sound decision about what you want to do about buying the home. By finding problems first you have some leverage to negotiate price with the seller.

If you decide not to hire a home inspector you are taking a major risk that may cost you thousands of dollars that you were not expecting.

If you are trying to cut costs by not having a Sacramento home inspection because of the cost of the investment of buying the home, then cut costs in other things. The cost of a Sacramento home inspection is a fraction of the cost of a major problem. For an example, let’s say that after you move in to your new home you notice that the ceiling is wet. Most likely there is something wrong with the roof and you didn’t know it when you bought the house because you didn’t get a Sacramento home inspection.

Now let’s say you need to replace the roof. The average price of a new roof is about $7000 or more (this depends on the size of the roof). When you get a Sacramento home inspection the average cost is $400 – $800 depending on the size of the house. So my point is, which one would you rather pay for, a new roof at $7000 or a Sacramento home inspection for $400 – $800?

The choice is up to you. All I’m asking is for you to think about what it would cost you extra if a problem rises up in the home after you move in. I realize you’re spending a lot of money for the initial investment just to get into the home.

Most of the time people that are just buying a home don’t have an extra $7,000 lying around to do repairs they’re not expecting on a home they just bought. Having your home inspected for a very minimal cost is like buying insurance.

I’ve heard people say that they have a friend that can check out the house for them. Some say their husband can check out the house. I can tell you from experience that if they are not a Sacramento home inspector by trade you’re taking a big risk of missing something that a friend or husband may not even know to look at.

Sometimes cutting costs can cost you more in the long run. If you are thinking about buying a house make sure that you hire a Sacramento home inspector to check out the house first.

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