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Why do more people choose our Sacramento Home Inspection Service? It’s because of what our previous customers say about our service. Any Sacramento, CA home inspector can say how great they are, but we believe it's best to let our customers say it for us. Please read our reviews and see what others in your neighborhood are saying about the service they have received from Sacramento Inspection. We make every effort for your satisfaction! From Sacramento to San Francisco, Lake Tahoe to Chico and Placer to El Dorado Hills, nobody does it better.

"I had the pleasure of working with James Budrow and Son with Sacramento Inspection. While purchasing a home can be stressful, going through the inspection can be even more stressful. To ease your stress, I highly recommend you using Sacramento Inspection. A team of professional, detail oriented, knowledgeable and dependable inspectors. From the start of scheduling the appointment to receiving your inspection report; you will receive excellent customer service. On the day of my inspection they arrived early ready to go. Prior to starting the inspection, James and his son explained in detail what the process consist of. As they were going through the inspection they addressed any questions I had as well as offer suggested key information. The level of detail is amazing, not only did I notice it but the seller mentioned a number of times how detailed they were. Which is good for both the buyer and the seller. At the end of the inspection they highlighted important aspects of the inspection as well as gave me additional information regarding the property that would be very useful for when I become a home owner. In addition to a very detailed inspection, the report was sent to me in a quick turnaround. It was very detailed and well organized. This includes pictures and explanation of each of their findings. I would recommend James and his team in a heartbeat. You will find that not only will you have a very detailed inspection but gain a little knowledge in the small world called home ownership."

-Sharon Thompson 

"James Budrow of Sacramento Inspections was very professional, thorough and expedient with completing our home inspection and furnishing us with the report. We highly recommend this company to anyone in need of home inspection services."

-Don & Laurie Kellner 

"Used these guys for home inspection. The company was chosen by my realtor (I think they get mad if you don't capitalize the word Realtor). They did a bunch of stuff at the house. I arrived and they walked me through the concerns and explained the few items that were identified. One of them was Cthulu in the toilet. Just kidding. I made that up. But Cthulu jokes are always winners on the internets.James did the inspection on a Friday and told me he would send the report on Monday. That was acceptable to me, cause I'm like "weekend is light beer time!" Anyways, I got the email on Saturday. I was like "you're bad at estimating time, bro!" But since being bad was a good thing since it was sent sooner I was happy. See what I did there? I made a negative reference that was really a positive! All good Yelperooski's (that's what we call ourselves, right?) do that.James was professional and knowledgeable.Positives:He didn't pee on my foot.He provided the report early.He made at least one joke.I think there was a smile and a hand shake at some point.Negatives:Sometimes I get lonely when I'm home all alone.The price was about $500 (with roof inspection) if I remember correctly. I don't know if that's normal for the industry or not, but I didn't ask and that's my fault. Maybe I could have gotten this service for a six pack of chicken mcnuggets if I asked around! But again, I didn't.All in all, a positive experience. Would recommend. Unless I paid $500 for a six pack of chicken mcnuggets. Then I would be bummed and James should probably take me to dinner or something to make up for the pricing discrepancy."

-Steve K.

"James came out and did an inspection on a house we were in contract for. We had received a copy of a previous inspection (from a client that fell out of escrow) which showed some moderate damage, but James' report revealed some alarming new findings that quickly turned this home into a major rehab nightmare. The money was well spent as he potentially saved us from walking into a fire hazard/money pit. Even though this house isn't the one, we will definitely use James again when the right one comes along. He is very knowledgeable in the field, professional and we got our comprehensive report back very quickly."

-A. Montano

"James did such a thorough job with our first home inspection, we used him again. Always professional and thorough. Thanks James!"


"James and his assistant did a thorough comprehensive inspection. I would definitely use their services again!"

-M. Black

"I was very happy with the inspection performed by James and his partner. James was thorough, communicative, explained the problems he found and whether they were or were not significant. Excellent people skills, also. 5 stars."

-Ginger Holman

"Excellent company. James was very professional and thorough. We highly recommend James and the company. Everything was explained very well and the pictures really helped. Thank you!"

-Mike & Teri Murray

"James Budrow is the best home inspector I have ever worked with. He explained everything really thoroughly, he was polite, and he did a great job. He was very patient and explained everything so I could understand. He took the time to show me things around the house as well as taking excellent photos that help to explain the problems. I recommend him highly."

-Katina Conn

"This is the second time we have used James Budrow for our home inspections. Both times I was very pleased. James was very polite and knowledgeable."

-Michael J. Paulicki

"James Budrow came highly recommended by our real estate agent, and he did not disappoint. We were excited about our soon-to-be new home, but it was 50 years old and had some wear and tear. James quickly and thoroughly identified issues with the house – many of which we would not have realized on our own. He is professional, prompt, honest and affordable. We highly recommend James Budrow to any one in need of a home inspection."

-Kim Kodl & Murphy Dysart