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The way you use light in your Sacramento home continually affects your everyday living.

Light Up Your Sacramento Life
Lighting Styles for Every Need

Nothing can change the mood in a room more quickly than the light.  The way you use light in your home continually affects your everyday living.  Proper lighting allows you to perform tasks more easily and makes you feel comfortable.  The right lighting scheme can make a small room seem open and airy and an oversized space seem intimate and inviting.  If you are looking to update your décor without breaking the bank, consider some new light fixtures for your home.  And with a broader lighting redesign you can recreate whole rooms without changing any structure or furnishings.

A comprehensive lighting plan will consider the most effective lighting style depending on how the space is used and the capabilities of your electrical system.  Use different styles placed at varying heights within the room – the ceiling, floor, table – to add depth and interest.   Once you have established the optimum style of lighting for a space there are a wide variety of fixtures to choose from in a range of finishes and designs.

Ambient lighting provides overall illumination and an appropriate level of brightness for general activity.  In the living or family room recessed fixtures are an effective source for expansive lighting and you can litter them throughout the space without heavily impacting the décor.  Recessed lights and decorative fluorescent fixtures also work well over cooking and other kitchen workspaces.

Task lighting focuses on a specific area for an activity such as reading or drawing.  It is functional while bringing a cozy feeling to the space.  Floor and table lamps are the most common task fixtures.  Carefully placed wall sconces also provide a nice aesthetic touch.

Accent lighting creates a mood by highlighting certain objects or spots such as artwork or collectibles.  To create a focused yet subtle effect, think about a combination of light sources that are versatile and allow movement.  Many of these fixtures have multiple smaller light sources that can be rearranged to meet different needs.  Recessed fixtures with rotating cans are a good choice.  Track lighting and dimmer switches give you the option to create a medley of lighting schemes.

Decorative fixtures, like chandeliers, become part of the room’s décor with their ornate and detailed designs.  Such fixtures work well in spaces where you entertain such as a dining room or a music room.  Layer with light and use dimmer switches so that you can have brighter light while you are making preparations and then change to mood lighting when guests arrive.

With all things considered, the key to an interesting and effective lighting scheme is to mix and match.  Have fun – playing with light is one of the simplest ways to reflect your personal style and make easy updates to your home.

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