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The importance of having a home inspection to ensure the integrity of the home you are purchasing, offers peace of mind for the buyer. Some banks will not issue a mortgage without knowing a home is structurally sound. Adding a black mold inspection to a standard home inspection will further provide assurance that there are no hidden leaks and other issues that will lead to black mold formation in a structure.

Sacramento Inspection offers black mold inspection as part of their inspection services. A thorough inspection will uncover any needed repairs and modifications needed before the buyer and seller are sitting at the closing table. Adding a black mold inspection will aid in detecting the growth of mold in interior and exterior areas a normal home inspection might miss. A mold inspection will point out a roof that is in disrepair, or gutters in need of thorough cleaning or replacement. A mold inspection will uncover black mold issues in places such as bathrooms and kitchens, where leaks behind walls and bathtubs are culprits for black mold formation that can go unnoticed for years. Wall-to-wall carpeting is looked at closely as part of a black mold inspection, because periodic cleaning can leave moisture behind that will also result in mold if carpeting never completely dries. Basements are prime spaces for black mold formation and a thorough mold inspection is necessary for homes in areas with high water tables, where basements are susceptible to leaking and flooding.


Sacramento Inspection has trained mold inspection personnel who know what to look for. They have the experience to seek out black mold in any areas it is likely to form, and will suggest the most logical solutions for remedying the problem. A thorough mold inspection will always include a visual assessment for signs of growth or water intrusion; moisture measurement will be performed, both in the air and in walls and ceilings to check for mold that may exist where it cannot be seen; samples of visible mold will be tested, and outdoor air quality will be sampled as well, in order to establish a baseline for normal area mold levels. The outdoor samples will be compared to the indoor samples in order to establish the likelihood of the home having present or future issues with mold. A black mold inspection is crucial for those individuals who have allergies or experience sensitivities. Mold inspections are always recommended for homes where individuals with asthma will reside, since black mold is known to trigger asthma. A mold inspection will determine whether or not a particular residence will be safe for someone dealing with pulmonary ailments. Mold inspections are also important if you will be bringing young children or infants into the home you plan to purchase.


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Sacramento Inspection performs mold inspections throughout Sacramento and the surrounding counties. Keep your health in mind when purchasing a new home; Let Sacramento Inspection assist you in ensuring your home is safe as well as a happy place.


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