Home Maintenance Inspection

Protecting Your Families Physical Health By Maintaining Your Home’s

Even though your home isn’t actually alive, it is still some what like a “real person”. There can be bad days and good days. It can get “sick” and systems could break down, and it can become “unpredictable” when there are unseen issues in need of repair. In some cases, you wont even know what has gone wrong until its to late. Much like your body, one warning sign is usually an indication of a larger issue that, if not diagnosed or treated, can lead to an increased chance of a larger issue later on.

The funny part is, even though your home is probably the largest investment you will ever make, it is taken care of less often than your car even though your house will cost about ten to fifteen times what your car would cost. But unlike what is provided for the family car, a home rarely ever receives a “check-up”. Instead, problems that occur in a home are typically only addressed after something breaks or after damage to its structure and systems has become so severe that you are forced to make repairs. Most homeowners give very little consideration to the fact that, if found early on, home-related problems can be addressed or repaired before those problems become so large that the expense of fixing them cause a financial strain.

But how do you know something is wrong with your home to begin with? Just as a 60,000-mile inspection and tune-up can help you to identify and prevent problems with your automobile, the only way you will be able to identify and prevent existing or potential problems with your home is to give it an Sacramento inspection and tune-up, as well.

Based on various facts such as mother nature or local weather patterns, normal wear and tear, and the planned obsolescence of construction materials and mechanical systems, we recommend that you schedule a home inspection every year during the lifetime of residency in your home. And just as with a buyer-seller home inspection, we will also provide you with a detailed report about the damage we find to the systems and structure in your home.


In a recent survey, we discovered that the number one reason that more current-occupancy homeowners don’t get their homes periodically inspected is simply because they aren’t aware that the service is available outside of the real estate transaction period. The fact is that Home Maintenance Inspections have always been available, but they simply aren’t marketed by real estate agents or most professional home inspectors – and there’s a reason why.

First time home-buyers and most sellers have been led to believe that the only time they need to worry about getting a home inspection is when the home has been put on the market to be sold or purchased. This is actually a bit misleading because every month you own your home, you are occupied in making a financial transaction. You pay a mortgage, right? You pay utility bills, right? So if you are going to pay that much money every month, then wouldn’t you want to be sure that you aren’t paying money on an “investment” that is falling apart right before your eyes? Of course not, yet most people do just that because of a simple misunderstanding.

Second, many current-occupancy homeowners do not get a home inspection because they believe that the home inspector will find thousands-of-dollars of damage that would cause a financial strain if fixed. But regardless of what the home inspector finds, you need to know the condition of your home. The Sacramento home inspector cannot force you to fix anything, nor can they condemn your property. In other words, there is no “pass” or “fail” score. There is simply knowledge, and knowledge is power. Still, most homeowners are pleasantly surprised that there Sacramento home inspection discovers the kind of damage that can often be repaired for only a few dollars before such damage grows worse, and thus, costs the homeowner thousands of dollars.


Sacramento Inspection recommends that you receive a Home Maintenance Inspection every two years after you have closed on your property. For about the same cost of a auto tune up, a Home Maintenance Inspection can help to identify problems and damage in your home before they become a more serious threat to your or your family’s well-being.

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