Home Re-Inspection

Home Re-Inspections

A Home Re-Inspection or verification of repairs is a follow-up inspection to our previous full home inspection, after repairs have been made. It is company policy to NOT re-inspect repair work that has been done by unlicensed contractors or amateurs. Is Your Contractor California Licensed? Click here to see if your California contractor is licensed!

Sacramento Inspection Home Re-Inspection Policy

1. We will happily perform a re-inspection within 90 days of our original inspection.

2. Each re-inspection will only be performed by the original home inspector.

3. Your Sacramento Inspection inspector must be provided a list of the items to be re-inspected prior to the appointed time to perform the re-inspection.

4. The repair work must have been performed by an appropriately LICENSED CONTRACTOR.

5. The contractor must provide a receipt indicating the type and quantity of materials used, and a description of the work performed.

6. The contractor must state whether or not the work is warrantied, and for how long, as well as if the warranty extends/transfers to the new owner.

Re-Inspection Fee Schedule – 1/2 of original inspection fee, minimum of $150.00

When these conditions have been met and a re-inspection is carried out, the same limitations as the original home inspection apply (refer to original inspection agreement). The inspection will be carried out on a visual and non-invasive basis and only for completed repairs. Confirmation of any hidden damage or other ancillary repairs that were carried out and not visible should be sought from the individual repair contractors. Should you desire a more in-depth analysis of the repairs, including but not limited to infrared screening, that service will be contracted for separately for an additional fee.

Neither Sacramento Inspection nor the individual inspector assume any liability for the repairs or offers any warranty either expressed or implied. Please also note, new repairs may be more susceptible to a greater degree of thermal expansion or contraction. Additional attention may be needed, such as caulking and/or sealing, shortly after repairs or following a change of season.

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